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Wood veneer is used in all processes where it is possible to replace, with economic or decorative advantages, hardwood. Has a big presence in furniture and carpentry industry, in manufacture of doors and decoration (flooringdecking– or panels).

It is used on traditional concepts or sophisticated designs, applying all personality and beauty of natural wood. Each wood veneer panel is unique, with colors and textures that vary within the various wood species.

These panels can have 3 types of coating:

  • A / A– Two faces of same species and quality;
  • A / B – Two faces of same species, but B face of inferior quality;
  • A / C – Face coated in superior quality with other face just for balance;

MADIPLAC has various forms of veneer panels, of various species of wood, manufactured by most relevant brands.

Applied in all types of panels such as:

These panels are also very versatile and with various finishing methods (in melamine, HPL etc.).

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